Course Options

Pick and combine the courses you find interesting, or contact us and we will help you tailor a specific course that fits your particular needs.

You can read more about the contents of each course here: Full Training Syllabus

List of courses currently available:

  • Mathematics for Hydrographic surveyors

  • Theory of Errors

  • Basic Geodesy

  • Coordinate Systems

  • GPS Theory

  • Theodolites and Total Station Theory

  • Levelling and Datums

  • Tidal Theory

  • Sounding Theory

  • Echo Sounder Theory – Singlebeam

  • Sidescan Sonar Theory

  • Multibeam Sonar Theory

  • Callibration Theory

  • Ancillary Hydrographic Sensors

  • Offset Measurement Theory

  • IHO Standards for Hydrographic Surveyors

  • Survey Planning

  • QINSy Data Acquisition

  • Qimera

  • QINSy Fledermaus Applications