Official Electronic Charts

As authorized distributor for PRIMAR, HydroCharting can provide you with official electronic navigational charts (ENC) for hydrographic survey softwares.

“PRIMAR is a worldwide ENC service, operated by the Norwegian Hydrographic Service (NHS) on a non-profit basis. The PRIMAR Regional ENC Coordinating Centre (RENC) is operated in accordance with the Worldwide Electronic Navigational Chart Database (WEND) principles of the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO). The core aim of PRIMAR is to enhance safety at sea and protect the maritime environment. ENCs from PRIMAR meet IMO SOLAS charts and carriage requirements when kept up-to-date and used on type approved ECDIS with appropriate backup. PRIMAR ENC Service is delivered via an international network of authorized distributors. Please visit for more information.”

Purchasing ENC’s:

Please follow our ‘step-by-step guide on ‘How to order’ officials ENC’s from Hydrocharting

ENCs at HydroCharting (24042012)

How to use your new ENC with HyPack and QINSy guide can be found here:

Primar – How to use with QINSy and HyPack