OIC Inc. SAMM Software


Stand-Alone Mosaicking Module for Forward-Looking Sonar

• Easy to Use Plug-and-Play Add-on to Your Forward Look Sonar Automatically
• Creates Mosaics in Real Time from Forward Look Sonar Data
• Automatically Loads Background Charts or Imagery for Easy Geo-Referencing
• Supports Post-Processing, Swath Layering, Imagery Enhancement and Export!

Data Acquisition Features:
• Stand-alone module, seamlessly compatible with your existing FLS system
• Interactive control of track layering, processing and sensor offsets
• Simultaneous mosaicking and logging of broadcast data
• Pan, zoom, target marking and vessel track

Post-Acquisition Processing Features:
• Navigation and heading filtering Sensor/navigation offset and bias corrections
• Instant reprocessing and editing of recorded data
• Easy image export to GeoTIFF and Google Earth
• Per-track adjustment of contrast/gamma/brightness
• 16-bit imagery support for optimum image resolution
• Interactive image selection tools for cherry picking data
• Contact marking, measurement, classification and export
• Layering of individual tracks for optimal mosaic composition
• Background display of air photos, satellite imagery, raster and vector charts