Merlin – The time-tagged laser scanner for cost-effective coastal, offshore and inland waterway surveying

Merlin is the new mapping product from Renishaw, engineered specifically to integrate with your survey vessel’s existing hydrographic equipment.

It enables you to synchronise Merlin’s above-water lidar data with your below-water sensors to produce accurate 360° data sets of the environment above and below the waterline simultaneously.

At the heart of the system is a 250m range laser scanner and a GPS receiver, which together provide accurately time-tagged survey data. Merlin supports the long-range lidar scanning of all above-water features associated with rivers, canals, coastlines and offshore areas. It will integrate with your vessel’s existing hydrographic equipment, enabling data capture above and below the waterline simultaneously.

Designed to support hydrographic surveyors

Manufactured in the UK at Renishaw’s award-winning production facilities, Renishaw’s mission is simple – to provide hydrographic surveyors with an accurate lidar sensor that offers:

  • Simple operation

  • Fast mobilisation and demobilisation

  • Flexible deployment options

  • Seamless integration with existing hardware

  • Full compatibility with industry-standard software packages

  • High performance in extreme marine environments

Don’t spend more than you need to

Seamless integration with your existing vessel hardware and software means you do not duplicate equipment, infrastructure or technologies that you already own.

Reduce project timescales

Merlin’s time-tagged data synchronises with that of your below-water bathymetric equipment for collection of full 360° data in a single pass. This also reduces data processing times.

Minimise training costs

The low-maintenance plug-and-play Merlin system is easy to install and operate, so there’s no need for specialist training. It is also compatible with industry-standard software packages.

Add value and stay competitive

By adding a dedicated marine lidar system to your product range, you can beat the competition by offering complex project capability while staying competitive in an evolving market.


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