Distributor sales

All sales are made via an international network of distributors. These are required to provide ENCs as supplied by NHS and secured using the IHO S-63 format.

HydroCharting ApS is Authorized distributor of

official ENC from PRIMAR and IC-ENC.


PRIMAR Chart Catalogue

The PRIMAR Chart Catalogue is an ordering and vessel chart management tool. Providing a graphical interface to ENC coverage available from the service, it is used by distributors to manage sales and distribution of ENC services to the commercial market.

Registered distributors can also access online ordering of ENC permit files, allowing them to manage their own customers directly via the PRIMAR server.

A distributor can add and edit information about its customers directly through the chart catalogue, and dynamically enter new customers for PRIMAR services without needing to interact with staff at the Stavanger head office in Norway.

The PRIMAR Chart Catalogue is under constant development, and will continue to provide safe and efficient ENC information as well as permit keys. It is available around the clock to appointed distributors.


PRIMAR Online is an extended functionality of the PRIMAR Chart Catalogue which allows vessels to download updates and new editions in their portfolios directly.

The right to do this can only be obtained via an authorised PRIMAR distributor. Only encrypted data are transferred. The PRIMAR Online service is provided free of any additional charge on top of the normal subscription.

CD service

The NHS provides all its distributors with the necessary base and weekly update CDs. Distributors are free to download CD content from the PRIMAR website in order burn and distribute the CDs. Such access is based on profile requirements set by the NHS.

The format and content of ENCs cannot be changed in this process. The licensor will be kept continuously informed of any change in the PRIMAR CD service.